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Product Catalogue
    Semicon-> Integrated Circuits
    Semicon-> Transistors
    Semicon-> Triac/Thyristor/SCRs
    Semicon-> Regulators
    Semicon-> Diodes/Rectifiers
    Semicon-> Bridge Rectifiers
    Semicon-> Optocouplers
    Semicon-> Semiconductor Fuses
    Optical Pickup-> CD/VCD/DVD
    Optical Pickup-> Games
    Cable->Flat Flexible Cable(FFC)
    Tuner->For TV etc.
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  1. Payment: T/T in advance only.
  2. Prices are FOB China.
  3. All quotations are valid for 14 days.
  4. Stock availability is subject to prior sales.
  5. For any orders (excluding bank, shipping and other miscellaneous charges) below US$1000, there will be an administrative charge of US$25.00.
  6. All bank charges and other processing fees are to be borne by purchasing party and not by PARTMATE.
  7. All freight and shipping charges are to be borne by purchasing party and not by PARTMATE.

    * All terms and conditions are subject to changes without prior notice.

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